Much of my current work is bringing the kind of "no excuses" AV transport provided by Firewire into standard IEEE 802 networks (e.g., Ethernet, 802.11 wireless). There's a ton going on, much of it being done by the IEEE 802.1 Audio Video Bridging Task Group, a few transport protocol groups (e.g., IEEE 1722 Audio Video Transport), and recently the AVnu alliance.

Here are a few useful papers/presentations that I have contributed to:

Paper written for the ISPCS 2007 conference in Vienna
This is based on a paper I presented to the 2007 SMPTE Technical Conference
AES 125:Audio Nets:Ethernet AV and AVB (MJT, Broadcom)
AES 125:Audio Nets:IEEE 1722 (Robert Boatright, Harman Pro)
AES 125:Audio Nets:Bridging 1394 and AVB (Matt Mora, Apple)
Summary of the current version of IEEE 1588, which is the base technology for 802.1AS
A good introduction to IEEE 802.1AS and how it builds on 1588
Updated version of previous paper, this time with measured results, not just simulations
This paper shows the equivalence between an IEEE 802.1AS network and a 1588 boundary clock. This describes a possible way to build 1588-level precision into a router.